Brothers Grimm TV Series In The Works

Miramax has set screenwriter Ehren Kruger to turn the 2005 feature “The Brothers Grimm,” which he penned, into a television series.

The new series will follow the swashbuckling adventures of brothers Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm, who discover mythology and supernatural stakes are behind the folklore sweeping 19th century Europe.

Kruger will build off the origin story introduced in the Matt Damon and Heath Ledger-led fantasy drama which grossed over $105 million globally despite mixed reviews.

Miramax Vice President of Television Daniel Pipski says: “We reached out to Ehren Kruger and producing partner Daniel Bobker to see if they had any interest in making The Brothers Grimm movie into a TV show and the pitch Ehren came back with blew us away. We’re thrilled to be working with a writer of his caliber.”

Source: Deadline