Brothers Bloom Bumped To December

After the success of “Brick”, many have been anticipating director Rian Johnson’s follow-up. They’ll have to wait a bit longer.

Johnson confirms on his blog that the film has been bumped back from an October 24th release to a limited release on December 19th, followed by a wide release on January 16th 2009.

Why? Johnson blames the overcrowded market – “It’s a tough tough market, especially for a smart unique film like ours, and we’d have a week or two at the most to sink or swim. Whereas concentrating on a couple markets for awards consideration in December, then pushing the wide in the more open January slot just seemed like a better use of resources.”

The story follows the best con men in the world who take one last job – showing a beautiful and eccentric heiress named Penelope the time of her life with a romantic globe-trotting adventure in pursuit of priceless artifacts wanted by some of their most unsavory competitors.