Brolin Talks “Deadpool 2” Reshoots

Earlier this year, a few reshoots took place on the “Deadpool” sequel – additional filming that gave Josh Brolin’s Cable and Zazie Beetz’s Domino characters more screen time after strong reactions during test screenings to their characters.

Now out doing press for the film, Brolin discussed why the decision was made to give the pair larger roles. Speaking with Yahoo UK, he says:

“There was so much emphasis on Cable that you forgot that it was an introductory movie for Cable. We go into X-Force and Cable’s a massive presence in X-Force, he’s the leader of X-Force, and Deadpool’s a part of X-Force, so it’s a very introductory film for him.

There was so much emphasis put on him, that when you go ‘we gotta do reshoots because test screenings loved that character’, but having done ‘True Grit’ with 7 minutes of screen time, but you’re talking about him the whole time, he feels like he’s in the entire movie.

This, you’re talking about Cable so much, you feel like he’s in more of the movie than he is. But I think we just needed a little more, and we needed to tighten up a few things. There were a couple of fight scenes that we just made more complete.”

Brolin says the extra filming wasn’t much, adding up to: “just four days of reshoots, something like that.” He also confirmed he’ll be doing some reshoots later this year for the fourth “Avengers” film, but he’s “done most of that” referring to his role as Thanos.

Drew Goddard is handling the “X-Force” film which looks to be the next film from this ‘universe’ to come out, as opposed to a third “Deadpool”. Asked how the film is progressing, actor Ryan Reynolds tells Collider: “There’s a storyline that everyone’s happy with, but there isn’t a script yet. That’s yet to come.”

Finally today, there’s a new “Deadpool 2” promo tied in with the UK football team Manchester United. “Deadpool 2” opens in most countries this Friday.