Brolin Talks “Deadpool 2” Cable Arc

You’ll be seeing a lot of Josh Brolin in the next two months as the actor appears in major roles in two of the biggest films opening in the early Summer – as potential universe destroyer Thanos in “Avengers: Infinity War” and as metal-armed, time-travelling mercenary Cable in “Deadpool 2”.

The former is a one or two film deal only, and Brolin is happy with that. Speaking with Empire (via CBM) he says: “I don’t like the idea of a franchise, personally. That’s what makes the Thanos thing really great. It’s a finite thing, and I like that.”

That rule, however, has been relaxed for his stint as Cable as he reveals he was convinced to sign on after being told that the studio has a four movie arc in mind for the character: “We think about it in four movie terms. We tried to think of Cable as a full arc, not just in this movie, but in the trajectory of four films. That made it a lot more fun for me.”

Of course, it’s not clear if Brolin will get to carry out that arc due to the Disney-Fox deal potentially rebooting all of Fox’s Marvel properties. The comments come as 20th Century Fox has premiered a new TV spot for “Deadpool 2” with a couple of pieces of new footage, most from one sequence with Deadpool taunting Cable.

Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Zazie Beetz, Julian Dennison, Morena Baccarin, Brianna Hildebrand and Shioli Kutsuna co-star in the film which opens May 18th.