Brody Reaches Settlement Over “Giallo”

Adrien Brody, Three-Seven Entertainment, Giallo Productions Limited, Maya Entertainment and Hannibal Pictures have just announced that they have reached an amicable agreement and settlement in the legal dispute concerning the distribution of Dario Argento’s “Giallo.”

With the dispute as to payment of the remaining portion of Brody’s acting services compensation now resolved, and with Brody’s approval, the parties plan to move forward with the immediate release of the picture.

In response to the settlement, Brody stated: “I very much enjoyed the process of making “Giallo,” and I am happy that things have been resolved and that people can now enjoy seeing the film.”

Hannibal Pictures Producer Richard Rionda Del Castro, the worldwide sales agent for the film, says, “I am glad to put this behind us and move forward with Adrien on the release of the film. We greatly enjoyed working with Adrien Brody, who was not only the star of the film, but was a creative guiding force and a faithful production partner. We are immensely satisfied to be able to come to a settlement and I thank Adrien for his efforts and patience.”