Broadbent, Marsan, Poots Are “Filth”

Jim Broadbent, Eddie Marsan and Imogen Poots have all joined the cast of the darkly comic thriller “Filth” at Steel Mill Pictures and Logie Pictures says says Variety.

An adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s novel, the story follows Bruce Robertson (James McAvoy), a sex-obsessed, cocaine-addicted, bigoted Scottish police officer investigating a murder who gets sidetracked by his own peculiarities, worries, sexual conquests, practical jokes and hangups. Along the way he manipulates everyone in his path to secure a promotion and win back his wife and daughter.

Jamie Bell has already been cast as his partner Ray Lennox. The unusual book features such surreal elements as a monologue-spouting tapeworm residing within Bruce.

Jon S. Baird (“Cass”) directs the project and penned a revised screenplay. Shooting in Scotland, Sweden, Belgium and Hamburg is slated to commence next week.