Brief Updates On PS4 Neo, Project Scorpio

The next iteration of consoles, or rather a mid-generation upgrade of them, is coming in 2017 with both Sony’s PS4 Neo and Microsoft’s Project Scorpio on the way.

Sony has sent out invitations for an event on September 7th in New York called “PlayStation Meeting”. The event promises “details about the PlayStation business” and, though not including a specific reference to the PS4 Neo, is expected to serve as the reveal the console according to Gameblog.

Final development kits for the upgraded console are also expected to be sent out around the time of the showcase. The console will work with existing PS4 games, while all PS4 titles going forward are rumored to be getting both a ‘Standard Mode’ and ‘Neo Mode’ with the output that you get dependent on your device.

Then there’s Project Scorpio, the new high-end and likely to be expensive Xbox One upgrade which boasts much beefier hardware. Xbox chief Phil Spencer says developers are already hard at work on Xbox Scorpio games which suggests the hardware is likely set at this point. Scorpio is rumored to be able to run games natively at 4K resolutions and will have an octa-core CPU based architecture and a 6TF GPU.

Source: IGN & Twitter