Brief Thor, Panther, Batman & Wonder News

Thor: Ragnarok
Actor Mark Ruffalo has posted a photo of himself in a make-up chair on his Facebook page with the caption: “Hello old friend. The incredible green behemoth comes round again. Prepare thee for Ragnorok.” This would suggest additional filming on Taika Waititi’s film is underway.

Black Panther
“Black Panther” actor Chadwick Boseman has demonstrated some of his moves in a new fight training video that teases the action in next year’s Marvel superhero film.

The Ryan Coogler-helmed film wrapped production two weeks ago and will spend the rest of the year in post-production ahead of its theatrical release in February.

The Batman
Ben Affleck has reportedly begun training again to suit up for Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” film at Warner Bros. Pictures. The film was originally going to shoot this Summer but several developments derailed that plan. Now, with things settling, a more solid production start date seems to be closer to being set.

Umberto Gonzalez on Heroic Insider says: “Ben Affleck, Batman, I just got word that he just started training again for the role. You know how there was talk that he was gonna leave and he might leave the role? Nah, bro. He’s working out. He’s getting back in shape.”

Wonder Woman
Finally, the first clip is out for Patty Jenkins’ “Wonder Woman” with Gal Gadot’s Diana using her bullet stopping bracelets to full effect to save Chris Pine from some armed goons in an alleyway. Despite the violence, the tone is light and fun. The film opens June 2nd.