Brief Talk Of Lex Luthor & Deathstroke Casting

Jesse Eisenberg is coming to Comic Con in San Diego next month to be a part of the Warner Bros. Pictures panel for “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. It’s expected Warners will screen a bunch of new footage from the superhero movie of which we’ve only had one vague trailer so far, and no actual footage of Eisenberg’s turn as Lex Luthor in the movie.

Out doing press for “The End of the Tour”, MTV asked Eisenberg about his work as Lex Luthor and the actor said that the way screenwriter Chris Terrio penned the character was the main draw for him:

“It’s a really great character that’s written by this guy, Chris Terrio, he’s a phenomenal writer. He loves my character in the same way I love my character. He put a lot of work into it. It’s a great character, there’s an emotional core to the character. It’s not this silly, villainous character. It was a great part.”

He was asked if any of the previous versions or performances of the character, specifically Gene Hackman’s take on the material in the older films, influenced his own. He responded:

“No, that’s an entirely different thing. Also the tone of that movie is so different, that movie wouldn’t be made like that now. The way we expect movies to be now, which is for the best probably, we expect there to be some kind of psychological accuracy. That the person is coming from a place that’s probably diagnosable in some ways. This is a real depiction of a person who thinks these things. So the challenge is to make it seem real.”

With a role like this comes expectations, especially from the hardcore fan crowd. Eisenberg says he’s not let that get to him:

“The expectations that I have are never the same expectations that an audience has. I don’t have expectations for myself to adhere to a comic book character, but a lot of people are interested in how I would coincide with the comic book character. But it couldn’t be farther from my mind, because I’m just playing a role.”

In related news, a villain within the other DC Cinematic Universe film opening next year – “Suicide Squad” – may have been revealed. Heroic Hollywood reports that Scott Eastwood is playing none other than Slade Wilson, aka ‘Deathstroke,’ in the upcoming film.

Eastwood was cast a while back, but what role he’s playing has been kept under wraps, beyond it being a military-based one judging from set photos in recent weeks. The site claims Eastwood’s character will be Slade Wilson for most of the film, and then in the last act he becomes the iconic baddie Deathstroke.

Of course that report has not been confirmed. “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” opens next March, whilst “Suicide Squad” opens in August.