Brief “Suicide,” “Wonder” DCCU Updates

Actress Corina Calderon appears to have accidentally revealed on social media that “True Blood” actor Jim Parrack is playing The Joker’s henchman Jonny Frost in David Ayer’s upcoming “Suicide Squad” movie.

The character was created for Brian Azzarello’s 2008 work “Joker” and can be glimpsed in the trailer helping the Joker storm an as yet unidentified building at gunpoint. The role was rumored to be that of Deathstroke at one point, a role Parrack’s former co-star Joe Manganiello was also up for, but it looks like that’s not the case.

In other news, Bill Westenhofer has come onboard as visual effects supervisor on the “Wonder Woman” movie which begins shooting as early as this Fall in London.

Westenhofer has won several Oscars for his work on “Life of Pi,” “The Golden Compass,” the first Narnia” film and is handling Duncan Jones’ upcoming “Warcraft” film adaptation. Considering his expertise with photo-realistic creatures, this has led to speculation that “Wonder Woman” will be including some large beasts for Diana to fight.

Sources: Batman News & Variety