Brief “Star Wars” Injury & Setting Updates

Turns out it was a bit more than an ankle, rather 71-year-old Harrison Ford broke his left leg in the injury he suffered whilst shooting “Star Wars: Episode VII” last week says his publicist via The BBC.

Ford was airlifted to John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford after the accident. In a statement, his rep says: “His surgery was successful and he will begin rehab shortly. He’s doing well and looks forward to returning to work.”

Meanwhile, JoBlo has posted a few more bits of news from their scooper who attended a key Disney promotional event this week at which concept art from the new “Star Wars” film was showcased.

According to their source, “the setting looks kind of post-apocalyptic with a lot of leftover vestige from the empire. It seems much more dark and rough than the prequels. The feeling was that it has not been easy in the last 30 years since ‘Return of the Jedi,’ probably with a very long war to truly ‘end’ the empire. There are still white storm troopers in action, the empire is probably not completely dead.”