Brief New Marvel Studios Phase 3 Details

In the wake of yesterday’s big announcement of Marvel Studios’ slate of Phase Three films, Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige has answered various questions that fans will have about the line-up, and more what films/characters are missing for it.

Feige answered these questions in a twenty-minute interview following the presentation, a full write-up can be found over in Dark Horizons’ features section. For those who only want the short bullet points:

– Hulk & Black Widow will NOT get standalones. They will, however, be very key characters in all three upcoming “Avengers” films and may appear in others in the line-up.

– Black Panther and Inhumans will score teases long before their solo films. The former gets easter eggs in ‘Ultron’ and a full costume appearance in “Captain America: Civil War” – check out a costume sketch at Of the “Inhumans,” Feige promises we’ll get hints of them sooner than you may think.

– The ‘Civil War’ storyline won’t be about secret identities but about oversight and the superheroes of the world answering to some authority.

– The studio is only announcing things that are signed and sealed. That is why Benedict Cumberbatch wasn’t announced as “Doctor Strange,” and why there was no comment on a potential Spider-Man future crossover.

– “Captain Marvel” casting rumors will run rampant, but Marvel isn’t considering any of it until a writer and director are locked in – which they haven’t been yet.

– They won’t talk too much about cast lists for even the Phase Three films as “to even talk about who will be in what movies is a bit of a spoiler” indicating death may linger on the near horizon.

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