Brief Hulk, Lantern, Spider-Man Updates

A couple of brief updates today on several major genre projects.

First up, production on Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War” recently shifted from Atlanta to Berlin where Bild reports that Mark Ruffalo was spotted partying with co-stars Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie and Daniel Bruhl this past week.

Ruffalo’s involvement in the film has been in question but his presence both in Atlanta whilst it was shooting there, and in Berlin now has only stirred the rumors of Bruce Banner/Hulk making an appearance.

Over at rival DC, Lance Gross has done an Instagram posting indicating that he’s put his hand up for Warners’ “Green Lantern Corps” project. Gross was a one-time contender for the “Luke Cage” Netflix series, a role that ultimately went to Mike Colter.

Back to Marvel and Heroic Hollywood is reporting that Karen Moy, the Vice President of Creative Affairs over at Sony Pictures, has been looking into the Spider-Man iconic comic storyline “Kraven’s Last Hunt”. This has led to the suggestion that Sony is looking into the possibility of Kraven as their bad guy.