Brief “Arrow,” “Gotham,” “Flash” Updates

A whole bunch of TV-related news is about to start pouring in over the next two weeks as the Winter Television Critics Assn. press tour goes into full swing from tomorrow. The twice-yearly showcase sees pretty much every network vying for digital copy to be generated regarding their line-ups and so there’s some big announcements planned.

In the lead up, the producers of the various Marvel and DC Comics-based TV series on the air right now have discussed their assorted shows and offered some brief updates. Here’s the breakdown:

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim says the next three episodes of “Arrow”, which follow in the wake of those shocking final minutes of the mid-season finale, are “among the best we’ve ever done” and will see some character combinations we’re not used to like Thea and Felicity along with Laurel and Felicity. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says they very much plan to bring the Suicide Squad back for further episodes this season.

Guggenheim was also asked about the possibility of a Batman appearance on the series. He says it would be “so awesome” but he doesn’t think it’ll be happening anytime soon. Nevertheless, he’s been surprised by how many more DC Comics characters have become a part of the show than anticipated, as a result he says the possibility is there. [Source: TV Line

Bruno Heller, the show runner on the “Batman” prequel series, was asked about the back-half of the show’s first season and what we can expect to see over the remaining dozen episodes. He tells THR:

“You’re going to see [Edward] Nygma take a giant step forward into becoming the man he becomes. You’re going to see Fish Mooney placed in a situation where it’s almost unimaginable how she’ll get out of it. Her relationship with Butch and Penguin are going to be pushed to the limit.

Selina Kyle’s going to do something incredibly shocking – also, so’s Fish, come to that. One of the things about the second half of the season is that all the story we’ve set up so far comes to fruition. Some people come to an end, other people are triumphant. Gordon is…no, I can’t go there.

The Flash
It would appear that another “Spartacus” star is joining The CW’s mini-DC Universe with Liam McIntyre tipped to be playing villian Weather Wizard in “The Flash”. The casting story came from an Instagram post by Punkd Images.

Speaking of the series, TV Line says we’ll soon see some “accidental time travel” in the show. Also Lisa Snart, the sister of Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller), will seduce Cisco for nefarious purposes.