Brendan Fraser Talks His Superman Audition

Brendan Fraser Talks His Superman Audition

Brendan Fraser takes on a DC Comics character, Robotman, in the currently airing DC Universe series “Doom Patrol”. Years ago however, Fraser was in line to play arguably the most powerful character in all of DC – Superman.

Coming off the success of “The Mummy,” Fraser at one point auditioned to play Superman in a movie that Brett Ratner would have directed from a script written by J.J. Abrams – the project dubbed “Superman: Flyby”. Speaking with SyFy this week where he shot down an old rumor that he almost played Reed Richards in 2005’s “Fantastic Four,” he explained how the rumors of his being up for Superman were very true:

“I auditioned for Superman. I even wore the suit. It was cool, it was pretty cool. I mean, I didn’t get the job. It went away. Brett Ratner was a bit ‘woo hoo’ in those days, and that’s well documented. And that was a script J.J. Abrams wrote but it never got made. And it was freaking Shakespeare in space. It was so cool. It was worlds colliding and, it was really, really cool.”

Abrams himself has previously discussed the script, saying it would’ve explored a Clark Kent who had been told from a young age to limit himself and his capabilities and how, psychologically, that contributed to his own fear and self-doubt and ultimately it would yield a self-actualisation story.

That version of “Superman” fell apart, giving way to Bryan Singer’s “Superman Returns” in 2006.