Breck Eisner Set For “Last Witch Hunter”

“Sahara” and “The Crazies” director Breck Eisner looks the most likely to direct “The Last Witch Hunter” for Summit Entertainment reports The Los Angeles Times.

The story follows a witch hunter who is seeing a surge in warlocks and witches and needs to keep the population “in check”. Timur Bekmambetov was originally negotiating to produce and direct the project based on “Priest” scribe Cory Goodman’s 2010 Black List original script, but the deal was never settled.

Eisner’s deal is far from being formalised and he remains attached to remakes of “Flash Gordon” and “Escape From New York.” Vin Diesel has expressed interest, but casting announcements are a long way off.

The film is being looked at as a potential franchise for Summit once their “Twilight” film series has run its course.