Breasts Not On Show In “Game of Thrones”

Irish model-turned-actress Lisa Nolan obviously hadn’t seen the first season of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” as she was so caught off guard by the nudity in the currently filming second season that she walked off the set according to HBO Watch.

Nolan insists she was promised ‘no nudity’ when she signed her contract to play the role of a King’s mistress, but did expect scenes to be slightly raunchy. She says “They said they would give me skin patches for my breasts. But when I got there they wanted me to be fully topless and in the scene I had to strip off. So I pulled out at the last minute… [it] looked like it was going to basically be soft porn.”

She adds “It was my own fault really because I didn’t research the show properly. The money was amazing and the idea of it all was so glamorous but I’m glad I walked away because now I have my dignity intact.”