“Breakpoint” Riddled With Microtransactions

Breakpoint Riddled With Microtransactions

You would think that game publishers had learned their lesson after EA’s “Star Wars: Battlefront II” debacle.

Not so it seems as those who purchased the ultimate edition of the Ubisoft game “Ghost Recon Breakpoint” are now able to play the title and are quickly discovering the title is riddled with microtransactions covering practically everything reports Forbes.

The site says it is “frankly comical amount of microtransactions jammed into the game, ones that go past just cosmetics and into straight-up just selling gear outright”. For sale are bundles that contain guns, gun blueprints, gun attachments, melee weapons, camo gear, outfits, skill points, weapon upgrades, battle point boosters and reward tiers.

While most of the items can be found during gameplay, Ubisoft expects people to take the easy way out – going so far as to dub a part of the storefront ‘Time Savers’ allowing players to purchase gun upgrades with real money instead of earning them.

Ubisoft has previously stated they hope ‘Breakpoint’ will revolutionize the shooter genre and the new title is always online akin to their other Tom Clancy-brand titles like “The Division” and “Rainbow Six Siege”. Official reviews aren’t out yet but nearly 100 user reviews on Metacritic have given the title a woeful 3.7/10 average score.

Source: Screen Rant