Breaking Dawn Teaser – Sex, Marriage, Abs

The MTV Movie Awards wrapped up a few hours ago where “Twilight” dominated the proceedings as usual. Robert Pattinson gave Taylor Lautner a quick kiss and flopped in his delivery of a sex joke about Reese Witherspoon, while Kristen Stewart was there decked in a dress made from red leather and safety pins.

The big event though was the screening of the first teaser trailer from “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part One”. The IMDb was scheduled to premiere the trailer online just after it was broadcast, but ended up going a little early – not an uncommon occurrence these days.

So what did we get? Jacob shirtless with his muscles pumping. Romantic skinny dipping near a waterfall. Sex good enough to smash bed heads, the camera WAY above the waist to ensure a PG-13. Edward at the aisle, and glimpses of Bella in her wedding dress. A CG werewolf transformation. Vampire wire-fu fighting. Even tastefully designed wedding invitations.

For Twi-hards, the first teaser gives them money shots galore. There’s a slow build-up with the supporting characters, some nice beauty shots of South America and all ending on a creepy note.