Breaking Dawn Character Posters, Stills

Two crazy kids lacking in Vitamin D make out while their hunky friend with body hair and underage attraction issues forlornly looks on. Yep, “Twilight” is back and the release of the first part of the final chapter “Breaking Dawn” is fast approaching – just over two months to go.

This week a few more photos have popped up, while Summit has issued new character one-sheets for Team Edward and Team Jacob fans to keep the enthusiasm high. Not that it already needs help, but early word is director Bill Condon looks to have nailed it in a way none of the previous films have yet to achieve.

Personally I’m wondering when we can get one-sheets that lets some of the supporting characters shine – Team Peter vs. Team Alistair perhaps? The new stills are unexpected in some ways, one shot taught me vampires apparently know how to drive speedboats.

Another has Bella enjoying a Brazilian river swim almost way too much, then again Edward is conspicuously absent and vampires don’t need to breathe. You go girl.