Breaking Bad Memoir, New “Saul” Characters

While much of the talk of the upcoming “Breaking Bad” spin-off “Better Call Saul” has been about familiar faces returning, there’s been very little about the fresh ones we’ll see.

Now, Showbiz 411 has revealed scraps of information on six of the new characters set to make their debut alongside Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) and Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks).

First up is ‘Burt’, described as a “Kennedy-type lawyer in a white-shoe law firm”. Two other characters, ‘Dr. Thurber’ and ‘Beth’, are also supposed to be lawyers.

Then there’s ‘Eddie’ who is a career criminal and can speak Spanish, finally there’s two 20-year-old skateboarding twins named ‘Zak’ and ‘Luke’.

Speaking of “Breaking Bad,” actor Bryan Cranston has told The New York Times that he’s decided to write a book about his life with a focus on his years on “Breaking Bad”.

He says he’ll: “Tell the stories of my life and reveal the secrets and lies that I lived with for six years shooting ‘Breaking Bad’.” The book is currently targeting a Fall 2015 release.