Bratz Serve Their Milkshake To Voight

The “Bratz” (and its inevitable spin-off “C*ntz”) are a toyline you probably haven’t heard of before unless a member of your immediate family is female and was born well into the 1990s.

Nevertheless as everything from ninja turtles to He-Man showed, there’s money in making TV and film properties out of toys. So much so that work recently wrapped on a “Bratz” movie scheduled for August 10th.

Til recently only “American Idol” host Paula Abdul was the sole name attached to the picture. However an article in USA Today on Friday revealed that Oscar winner Jon Voight had been cast in the film and will play the domineering principal who’s daughter harasses the Bratz girls.

The article pretty much summarises the entire movie – a dynamic and highly original tale of female empowerment – “Tracing the travails of the multiethnic, socioeconomically diverse girls as they enter Carry Nation High, Bratz finds the longtime BFFs drifting apart into disparate cliques. But a shared detention session reunites them. When they collaborate on the school talent show, the Bratz show ruthless student-body president Meredith that teamwork trumps tyranny.”

The feature film is targeted to Bratz-nostalgic teens and their younger sisters. “There’s nothing in the movie you wouldn’t want your 5-year-old to see. There are a lot of great life lessons” says Producer Avi Arad.