Brandon Routh Out Of “Superman” Sequel? recently spoke with Brandon Routh on the set of “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” and was asked if he had heard anything about the progress of a “Superman Returns” sequel.

Most surprising from Routh is the news that his contract to play the Man of Steel has expired. In an English translation of the Portugese article by Think McFly Think, Routh says “The contract term has expired. But if they call me again, [I would go] back to the character without thinking twice.”

What about the general progress of the sequel “I do not know of anything. I’m sure that Warner Bros. is moving there, but everything is still uncertain. Really, I do not know anything.”

Routh also admits in the interview that the first film was sadly lacking much in the way of action and feels disappointed the franchise didn’t get a second chance after ‘Returns’ underperformed.