Branagh Open To Christie Cinematic Universe

Racking up $311 million at the box-office, Kenneth Branagh’s glossy film adaptation of Agatha Christie’s “Murder On The Orient Express” was a solid hit with audiences and not too bad with critics.

The film teased and development is already underway on a sequel based on “Death on the Nile” and now, speaking with Associated Press, Branagh has mulled the idea of a linked Agatha Christie cinematic universe saying it could theoretically interconnect:

“I think there are possibilities, aren’t there? With 66 books and short stories and plays, she often brings people together in her own books actually, so innately – she enjoyed that. You feel as though there is a world – just like with Dickens, there’s a complete world that she’s created – certain kinds of characters who live in her world that I think has real possibilities.”

He adds that though he hasn’t pitched the idea to Fox, he says: “I bet they’ve been thinking about it though.” With Disney having purchased Fox, there’s no word as to what fate the franchise will meet.