Bradley Cooper Stops A “Dark Invasion”

Warner Bros. Pictures has picked up the film rights to Howard Blum’s upcoming period spy thriller novel “Dark Invasion,” and plans to turn it into a vehicle for Bradley Cooper to star in.

The story is set in 1915 when Germany, with war raging in Europe and the U.S. still neutral, decides to send their Secret Service to America to wage a covert war to keep this country from helping the Allies.

The Kaiser’s spies bomb factories, sabotage ships, shoot financier JP Morgan Jr., bomb the U.S. Capitol Building, and set up an anthrax lab six miles from the White House.

Cooper is attached to play NYPD captain Tom Tunney, who’s tasked with establishing the team that will bring these German spies to justice. Tunney is considered to be the first head of what would ultimately become Homeland Security.

Cooper, John Lesher and Adam Kassan will produce.

Source: Deadline