Bradley Cooper Is Lance Armstrong… Again

This is a little confusing.

A while back actor Bradley Cooper (“The Hangover,” “Silver Linings Playbook) was rumored to be playing cyclist Lance Armstrong in “Cycle of Lies,” a biopic about the disgraced athlete that Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot are working on.

Now, it has been confirmed that Bradley Cooper is negotiating to both produce and star in a rival project – the Jay Roach-directed “Red Blooded America” at Warner Bros. Pictures and Atlas Entertainment.

Though Cooper will likely play Armstrong, he might instead be taking on the role of Armstrong’s former teammate Tyler Hamilton. Scott Z. Burns (“Side Effects,” “Contagion”) is penning the script.

Stephen Frears is also directing a third and currently untitled film about Armstrong at Working Title. Ben Foster (“Pandorum,” “X-Men: The Last Stand”) was recently linked to that project.

Source: Deadline