Brad Bird: Avoid A Gaming Aesthetic On Film

Attending a preview of Anthony Giacchino’s documentary “The Giant’s Dream: The Making Of The Iron Giant” at Comic Con earlier this week, filmmaker Brad Bird (“The Incredibles,” “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation”) was in attendance and took questions from the audience.

Talking about the filmmaking process (via Slashfilm, Bird gave a surprising comment – that aspiring filmmakers should avoid being influenced by certain aspects of video games:

“In terms of what to stay away from, I feel like video games are a bad influence for storytelling because they are not directed points of view. They are about floating around universes and I see a lot of films now where the camera is soaring all over the place.

That’s okay if you pick the right moments, but a lot of times it feels like there is no point of view, but a lot of time it’s just motion. It bothers me when I see directors arcing around somebody and then arcing back and then arcing around somebody and then arcing back and I go ‘Where are you going?! Are you going anywhere or are you just going like this?!’

You know a good comedian feels confident and they can kind of look at the audience and there’s pace to their jokes. That quality can exist in filmmaking too. When I see somebody constantly moving the camera and putting in loud explosions every two seconds, to me it’s like desperation. You know, if it were a guy coming onto a girl she would be dumping him in a second. You want to seduce the audience, tell them a story, bring them into the room, ‘Sit down, have a beer, put your feet up, I got this!’ That’s the feeling you want from a good filmmaker.”

Bird last helmed “Tomorrowland” and is attached to both “1906” and “The Incredibles 2” which are currently both in development.