Brad Anderson On Upcoming Films

Brad Anderson (“Transsiberian,” “The Machinist”) reveals that he’s developing several new projects including one re-teaming him with Christian Bale says Bloody Disgusting.

The new projects include serial killer thriller “All Lost Souls” and the post-apocalyptic horror film “Vanishing”. He’s also considering a remake of the Val Lewton project “The 7th Victim” about a group of New York Satanists.

Right now though he and Scott Kozar are trying to get the ‘urban Robinson Crusoe’ project “Concrete Island”, based on a story by JG Ballard, off the ground and Bale has expressed interest in being the lead.

“Its not a studio film, it’s a hallucinogenic odd movie, similar in tone to Cronenberg’s CRASH — weird twisted and perverse. Its not horror, but its in that ballpark” says Anderson.