Boyle’s “Frankenstein” Goes Theatrical

One of the non-film genre projects many are keen to see this year is Danny Boyle’s National Theatre reworking of “Frankenstein” for the London stage.

Boyle’s first play in 15 years, the production is noted for the fact that stars Jonny Lee Miller (“Dexter”) and Benedict Cumberbatch (“Sherlock”) will alternate the roles of Victor Frankenstein and The Creature.

With the initial 10-week run of the play selling out almost immediately (it has been extended), many thought they wouldn’t get the chance to see it. The good news is those of us living in other countries will get the chance after all via cinemas according to Deadline.

“Frankenstein” is set to be broadcast via satellite live in hi-def to 370 cinemas globally on March 17th, including 85 sites in the United States. Miller will play Frankenstein with Cumberbatch as the monster in that version.

A week later, the play will be broadcast again to the UK and Europe on March 24th with the roles reversed. An estimated 100,000 people worldwide are expected to see both shows so they can compare and contrast the performances.

Boyle will have two camera rehearsals, with up to eight cameras recording the play on the night. He will then watch a camera run-through in a cinema making suggestions before the show goes out.