Boyle’s Bond Exit Due To Villain Casting?

Boyles Bond Exit Due To Villain Casting

Earlier this week came the news that just a few months out from filming, director Danny Boyle had walked away from the upcoming next James Bond film due to ‘creative differences’.

Now The Telegraph has done a follow-up report going further into the issues. According to the paper, while there were some issues with the storyline involving a modern-day Cold War and a Russian villain, the big point of contention was due to Boyle’s desire to cast Polish actor Tomasz Kot as the main villain.

Kot stars in PaweĊ‚ Pawlikowski’s raved about “Cold War” which has been playing the film festival circuit for much of this year. However he was reportedly viewed as too ‘left field’ a choice for the character, with star Daniel Craig apparently the one not keen on the idea – a problem as Craig plays a key role in all casting choices. That’s why Craig name was included in the press release earlier this week as well.

That was reportedly the last straw as longtime film series producer Barbara Broccoli was allegedly already ‘infuriated’ by Boyle’s insistence that he bring in his own team, including writing partner John Hodge, which resulted in the previous script by writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade having been shelved.

With the film now certain to miss its December 8th start of filming, and almost certain to meet its late 2019 release, what happens next for the franchise isn’t clear. Will any of Hodge’s material survive? That seems unlikely as Variety reports MGM and EON are looking for “a writer or a writer-director to come on to the film” which suggests it’s back to the drawing board in which case Bond will almost certainly be pushed back at least half a year, and more likely a full year.

If that’s the case, will they just give up and move forward with a minor reboot? One person whom it won’t be if it is recast is Idris Elba, the actor himself telling Good Morning Britain this week a flat out “No!” when asked about the possibility. Craig’s involvement in Boyle’s exit also suggests he still very much intends to stick around for a little while yet at least.