Boyle Talks Sunshine & Next Film

British director Danny Boyle is in Australia right now where he attended and gave a Q&A for a special screening of his sci-fi drama “Sunshine”. A contact for Moviehole attended the Melbourne function and brought back some details.

The $40 million drama spent a full year in post production and had over 35 rewrites of the script. Test screenings went terribly as the visual effects were not completed and he doesn’t think the audience could look past the incomplete effects.

The cast were forced to live in student amenities for awhile where they had to cook for themselves, to create a feel of solitude and being confined together.

Boyle also relayed an anecdote that he thought Cillian Murphy was too “attractive” to play a biologist, but then met a biologist who was helping out on the film and he was more “attractive” than Murphy, so it justified his casting.

Finally his next film will be about a know-it-all guy who goes on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” because the girl he likes watches the show.

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