Boyle, Gaye, Hutchence Biopics Planned

Musical biopics are popping up all over the place with several announced over the holiday weekend.

First up, Fox Searchlight has acquired the life rights to “Britain’s Got Talent” sensation Susan Boyle along with the rights to the UK musical “I Dreamed A Dream” based on her story.

The plan is to reportedly combine the two to develop a re-imagined filmed version of the musical. No director or screenwriter has been attached as yet.

Then there’s word that rocker Lenny Kravitz has emerged as director Julien Temple’s choice to play singer Marvin Gaye in a new biopic set towards the end of Gaye’s life.

Having fled to London and hopelessly addicted to drugs and alcohol, music promoter Freddy Couseart took Gaye to his flat in Belgium and sorted him out. The result was the album ‘Midnight Love’ which featured the iconic single “Sexual Healing”.

Finally, not one but two biopics are in the works about late INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence.

The first, “Two Worlds Colliding,” is being produced by Trevor Ray Field and Suzy Markovski. It is based on a book by Hutchence’s sister and mother.

The other, “Michael”, is being helmed by “Dogs In Space” director Richard Lowenstein and is based on his friendship and work with Michael and INXS.

Source: Deadline, The Standard