Boyle Adapting Pratchett’s Truckers?

“28 Days Later” and “Trainspotting” Director Danny Boyle, currently winning rave reviews for “Slumdog Millionaire” at the Toronto Film Festival, tells he’s considering an animated movie based on Terry Pratchett’s children book “Truckers” for Dreamworks.

The first part of Pratchett’s “Bromeliad Trilogy”, the story follows a race of tiny people from another world called Nomes, living and trying to survive among humans, who discover their secret history, which prompts them to try to return home.

Boyle hopes he and “Millions” screenwriter Frank Cottrell Boyce will reunite on the project, but due to the complexity of doing an animated film he’s unsure if he’ll do it yet – “It’s a weird different discipline, it’s very strange.”