Boyega & “Block” Director To Re-Team?

They both shot to prominence with the cult classic “Attack the Block,” now filmmaker Joe Cornish and actor John Boyega may re-team again. On Saturday, Boyega tweeted: “Saw Joe Cornish the other day, Yes. We are brainstorming. #somethingnew”.

Boyega, who has since entered the public zeitgeist with his role as Finn in the new “Star Wars” trilogy, has previously talked about ideas for a ‘possible sequel’ to “Attack the Block”. Boyega indicated one idea was a larger alien invasion, with Boyega’s Moses leading an army of hood kids across the Thames.

Another possibility is Cornish’s historical spy drama “Section 6,” a passion project he’s been developing about the founding of British secret service MI6 and one that hit some legal hurdles due to the Bond franchise. That has reportedly all been sorted out now, no word if the originally attached Jack O’Connell is still on board.