Boxleitner Replaces Spiner In “Supergirl”

Boxleitner Replaces Spiner In Supergirl

Bruce Boxleitner will step in to replace Brent Spiner in the recurring role of Vice President Baker in the upcoming fourth season of The CW’s superhero series “Supergirl” which returns October 14th.

Spiner (“Star Trek: The Next Generation”) had booked the role but scheduling issues have forced him to depart the series in order to attend to a family matter that conflicts with the production dates.

Bruce Boxleitner (“Babylon 5”) will take over as Baker, who is described as “an unlikely leader who steps up in a big way up when his country needs him most”. The new season deals with a growing anti-alien movement in National City.

Other newcomers to the season include Rhona Mitra as Mercy Graves and Robert Baker as her brother, Nicole Maines as TV’s first trans superhero Dreamer, Sam Witwer as anti-alien antagonist Agent Liberty, April Parker-Jones as hardline military chief Col. Haley and David Ajala as Manchester Black.

Source: The Live Feed