Box-Office: “Gravity” Soars, “Machete” Dies

It was a great weekend at the box-office for Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks, but not for anyone else.

Alfonso Cuaron’s “Gravity” held onto the top spot for the second weekend in a row with a whopping $44.3 million, dropping a mere 20% from its record-breaking debut last weekend. After just ten days, it has managed a $123.4 million domestic gross and a $68 million overseas gross.

The Tom Hanks-led “Captain Phillips” opened to strong reviews and a very healthy $26 million – that’s better than several of Hanks’ last few movies, and better than the opening of “Argo” ($19.5M) in the same release slot last year.

Not faring so well was Robert Rodriguez’s sequel “Machete Kills,” the heavily promoted action comedy which landed in fourth place with a mere $3.8 million – making it one of the worst wide opening releases of the year (think “Paranoia” bad). Reviews were terrible, but as the film was super cheap to make ($10.5M budget), it’ll come out fine.

News on the limited release front was dire all around, with the worst being the horror comedy spoof “Ghost Team One” which made just $8,500 on 15 screens – yielding a woeful $567 screen average.

Much more high profile a failure was Carlo Carlei’s new take on “Romeo & Juliet” starring Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth. The film garnered just $509,000 from 461 screens – a screen average of $1,104.

Not faring much better was festival favorite “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete” which made just $260,000 from 147 screens – a not much better $1,769 screen average.

Taking less damage was “Escape From Tomorrow,” Randy Moore’s surreptitiously shot drama about a man going insane at Disneyland. That made $66,112 from 30 theaters, garnering a $2,204 per screen average.