Bosworth Lines Up Trio Of New Films

Kate Bosworth is in negotiations to join the cast of Sony Pictures untitled blackjack picture (aka. 21) being directed by Robert Luketic says The Hollywood Reporter.

The casting would mark the third time she’s worked with Kevin Spacey after “Beyond the Sea” and “Superman Returns”.

The film revolves around a team of brilliant math students at MIT organized by an unscrupulous professor (Spacey) who become crack card counters at blackjack tables in Las Vegas.

Bosworth will play an unsuspecting geek who joins the team. The film begins shooting in March in Las Vegas and Boston.

Meantime she’s also in negotiations to star in the supernatural thriller “After.Life” for writer/director Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo (“Pate”). Production begins later this year.

The story centers on a young woman (Bosworth) in a transitional state between life and death who fights to avoid being buried alive by the funeral director who holds her fate in his hands.

Finally she has also acquired the rights to the Hanrahan novel “Lost Girls and Love Hotels” which she plans to produce and star in a film adaptation.

The novel centers on a woman doing everything in her power to forget her past while working in Tokyo as an English specialist at an Air-Pro Stewardess Training Institute by day while losing herself in a sex- and drug-addled oblivion by night.