Boston Legal Gets Renewed

Great news, ABC has renewed “Boston Legal” for a fifth season next Fall.

The series may not have the ratings of a “Lost” or “Grey’s Anatomy”, but it is one of the most acclaimed shows on television with a very wealthy demographic. The show easily topped recent polls of shows ‘on the bubble’ that people would like to see renewed.

The main reason for the show’s uncertain fate in recent times has been, aside from the ratings issue, that the show simply was becoming too expensive for ABC to produce.

The move also comes as ABC is keen on greenlighting a US remake of hit British series “Life on Mars” but can’t as ‘Boston’ creator/producer David E. Kelley holds the rights. Kelley has expressed his intention to leave “Mars” but negotiations had to be made for that project to continue without him.

With a deal now set, “Legal” will return for a fifth year and ‘Mars’ now seems back on track to head into production.