Bosoms & Fire Dominate “Breaking Dawn”

After wallowing in self-obsessed emo depression and painfully restrained heavy petting for three films, Bella Swan is finally letting her hair down and about to give her frequently shirtless co-stars a run for their money.

An insider for E! Online says the script for “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” has female lead Kristen Stewart “practically naked in it, a lot.”

The report says that despite the PG-13 rating target for the film, director Bill Condon is being allowed a lot of free reign in regards to how to shoot the racier scenes for the two-film finale. Condon is also a director who likes to shoot scenes for real and then make the final decisions in the editing suite.

The eventual film has to be a PG-13 and cuts will be made where they have to be to ensure that rating. However it’s expected that the film will likely push the limits of the rating.

The report also says the wedding dress Bella wears in the film is “hideous”, a fault not of the costume designer but someone high in the food chain “who has final say” and has chosen a “terribly conservative and ugly gown.”

Finally, Robert Pattinson and Stewart filmed a kissing scene in Rio de Janerio for the film this week and photos are available from the shoot.

Despite only five days of scheduled shooting in Brazil, residents of the city itself have not been fans of all the disruptions the production has caused. Along with street protests, an angry mob has reportedly set ablaze a portable toilet used by crew members according to STV.