Bosch Season 2 Plot Details, Release Date

Amazon has set a March 11th premiere date for the second season of Amazon’s detective drama series “Bosch”.

Speaking at the Television Critics Association today, author and executive producer Michael Connelly says his sixth novel “Trunk Music” is set to serve as the basis for the episodes, with his twenty-fourth novel “The Drop” also having an influence:

“We expand the story and I think now the story will take us through a lot of the things that are important in what’s going on in society today in terms of police corruption, in terms of domestic terrorism. We have aspects of all of that in our show that really comes organically out of this seemingly basic mob hit where a guy is found in the trunk of his Bentley up on Mulholland Drive.”

Connelly says some adjustments still have to be made when adapting his books for the small screen due to some of the earlier ones being twenty years old and thus require some major updating.

Source: The Live Feed