Borgias, Killing, Kennedys, Camelot Ratings

Several high profile cable series launches have taken place recently and audiences have liked what they have to offer, rewarding each with strong numbers.

Showtime’s lavish 15th century Roman period drama “The Borgias”, starring Jeremy Irons as the newly elected Pope and head of the infamous titular family, took in 1.49 million viewers on its premiere night.

This made it the pay cable network’s largest premiere audience for a drama series in seven years, beating the 1.3 million viewers that both the recent US remake of “Shameless” and the 2007 series premiere of “The Tudors” several years ago earned on their series premiere nights.

As previously reported, AMC’s thirteen-episode serial mystery drama “The Killing” premiered to a total of 2.7 million viewers, the network’s second-highest rated series premiere behind “The Walking Dead”.

Reelz Channel’s “The Kennedys”, the controversial eight-part mini-series, debuted to a respectable 1.9 million viewers and broke a new record for the still fledgling channel.

Finally, Starz’s two-hour boobs-out reinvention of the “Camelot” story premiere drew in 1.1 million viewers for its first screening, making it the most watched Starz series premiere to date. This is seen as doubly impressive as the first hour of said premiere was already screened in a special preview a few weeks earlier after the finale of “Spartacus: Gods of the Arena”.