“Borderlands 3” Promo Promises Fun & Violence

Borderlands 3 Promo Promises Fun Violence

Developer Gearbox Software has offered up a new video teasing the release of “Borderlands 3,” this one showcasing the fun of the violence-filled world of 29th century Pandora.

The games follow the player as they journey through the wastelands in search of legendary Vaults, mythical hidden zones with untold treasures and wealth hidden inside.

As players navigate their way across the planet, they battle against various enemies including the native alien creatures inhabiting the planet, numerous corporations seeking to take back the land, military branches seeking to maintain control over the local populations and the crazed civilians roaming the world.

In the new video, the lovable Claptrap takes the spotlight to essentially sell the landscape, but making a calm and serene promo video is tougher than you’d think.

“Borderlands 3” will be available for purchase across the major platforms from September 13th.