Borat 2 Unsure Despite Murdoch Talk

At the Media Summit New York event on Thursday, Fox CEO Rupert Murdoch said in an interview that Sacha Baron Cohen will do a “Borat” sequel with Fox.

“He will do a sequel. He will first do something else … then he wants to come back and do a ‘Borat 2.'” says Murdoch according to the trades.

Trouble is that isn’t entirely accurate. Yes, Cohen is off doing something else – Universal’s comedy “Bruno” to be precise based on his other famous “Da Ali G Show” character.

Cohen has also had “casual discussions” about doing a “Borat” sequel but that’s all – nothing close to a locked in project as yet says a 20th Century Fox representative.

Despite his enthusiasm though, Murdoch is skeptical about prospects for a sequel being as big a hit as film like this “don’t necessarily repeat themselves easily” he said.