Boorman Plans “Hope and Glory” Sequel

“Deliverance” and “Excalibur” helmer John Boorman popped up in Cannes this week to help promote his daughter’s new documentary “Me & Me Dad” and revealed to Empire Online that he’s well into development on a sequel to one of his Oscar-nominated works – his 1987 autobiographical dramedy “Hope And Glory”.

That film, set in the early parts of World War II, follows a London suburban family’s experiences during the Blitz as it brings them together. This one doesn’t concern itself with the tragedy of war though as the focus remains on its young boy protagonist, resulting in an often funny and warm coming-of-age tale albeit against a turbulent backdrop.

Boorman says he’s completed the script and is currently talking to financiers for the follow-up which is set ten years after the first and deals with the same family and characters. Boorman says “it’s about the period when I was 18 and went into the army for conscription. I’d often thought about doing it, but kept thinking, ‘1951 to ’53 is such a dreary period.’ At least with Hope And Glory, there was a war going on and bombs dropping. The aftermath was just the dreariest time – rationing was still going on and the Korean War was rumbling.”

Despite the hesitancy, he’s found the material he was after – “When I started going into it, one of the events was that the king had died and we had the coronation. So all that is worked into the story. All the characters are watching the coronation and you see their different attitudes.” If all goes well he will shoot the film himself in the UK or Northern Ireland, marking his first effort since 2006’s “The Tiger’s Tail”.