Bones & “Sleepy Hollow” To Crossover

In one of the strangest pairings for a TV crossover event, FOX is reportedly going to blend the casts of its long-running procedural “Bones” with its supernatural drama “Sleepy Hollow” for a double episode special crossover event.

TV Line reports that a crossover between two FOX shows has long been in the works, but until now no-one was sure which ones. Today we have a winner.

Originally slated to air this Fall, the crossover now is being pushed until later in the season. Specific details like which characters would appear in each episode, are not being disclosed at this time.

The site has heard that producers on both shows have come up with an idea to blend the very procedural and fact-based “Bones” with the wacky and stylised supernatural antics of “Sleepy Hollow”. Just how they intend to accomplish this is anyone’s guess.

The timing makes sense. Both shows have slipped in their ratings enough to the point that it would be a surprise if either goes beyond another season.