Bond Scribes Adapt Jo Nesbo’s “I Am Victor”

Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, the writers on every James Bond film since 1999’s “The World is Not Enough,” have been hired to pen the film adaptation of acclaimed Norwegian author Jo Nesbo’s upcoming novel “I Am Victor”.

Baltasar Kormakur (“Contraband,” “Everest”) is slated to direct and produce the thriller which follows a skilled but morally corrupt and narcissistic divorce attorney. When he finds himself framed for a series of brutal murders, he embarks on his own investigation.

Purvis and Wade are finalizing the script before it goes out to cast. Fredrik Wikstrom Nicastro will also produce. Kormakur is also developing the high seas survival tale “Adrift”.

Adaptations are also on the way of Nesbo’s “The Snowman” later this year with Tomas Alfredson directing and Michael Fassbender starring, “The Son” which is in development with Denis Villenueve directing and Jake Gyllenhaal starring, and “Blood on Snow” which Tobey Maguire was announced as director of this week.

Source: Deadline