Bond Parody “Service” Gets Shut Down

Last week came the posting, the legal shut down and then the approved re-posting of producer Adi Shankar’s “Power/Rangers” fan film. That live-action short reimagined the kiddie franchise with a gritty and dark adult-themed reboot.

Well it looks like something similar has happened again. Earlier today Shankar posted “James Bond: In Service of Nothing,” a ten-minute animated short film parody of the 007 franchise.

The clip was up for less than twelve hours before lawyers for MGM notified YouTube that the film was in violation of its copyright – though it’s not clear if it is an issue with the film itself or the artwork used with the clip.

Shankar says the aim of the short was to ask what would happen to Ian Fleming’s classic creation in today’s world and how this “alcoholic, reckless guy with Mommy issues and serial killer instincts” would survive. Sounds like the logline for FX’s acclaimed “Archer”.

Source: Deadline