Bond Nabs $20M For Mexico Endorsement?

Mexico’s image as a country in Hollywood movies is not exactly a pretty one, more often portrayed as a battlefield for the country’s brutal drug war than anything else.

The new James Bond film “Spectre” hopes to help change that image though, and is being rewarded handsomely for doing so. reports that MGM and Sony are reportedly receiving up to $20 million in incentives for rewrites that depict positive aspects of Mexico.

Filming will take place in Mexico City later this month and the production will receive at least $14 million and up to $20 million for script rewrites that portray “modern Mexico City buildings” and a generally favorable image of the country.

Mexican officials however have apparently made some requests, one being the villain cannot be Mexican, one being that a non-Mexican ambassador rather than the city’s mayor be a killer’s target in the film, and one being a Mexican actress is to play a Bond girl.

The latter seems to have happened with Mexican actress Stephanie Sigman having joined the film earlier this week. Don’t think the funding will go into Sony’s pockets though, the initial budget of “Spectre” was said to be around $300 million so this financial windfall is only helping to support Bond’s latest adventure.

Source: THR