“Bond 25” Set Peeping Tom Returns

Peeping Tom Bond 25 Returns

James Bond film productions aren’t always smooth affairs, and the currently in production “Bond 25” knows that well. From Daniel Craig badly injuring his ankle to some property damage at Pinewood and a bit of a stuff up with a Grace Jones cameo, behind-the-scenes reports haven’t painted the best picture.

In comparison, news about a peeping tom sneaking a hidden camera into the women’s bathroom on set a while back seemed almost comical one-off story the UK press would have a field day with, dropping “Octopussy” and “For Your Eyes Only” puns even though it was a crime and serious invasion of privacy.

Things have now turned more serious however as another incident of the same kind has occurred. The Sun reports that recently an unknown man slipped his hand and cell phone underneath the wall between bathroom cubicles in order to film a woman without her consent. The victim gave chase, calling for others in the vicinity to apprehend him, but the culprit escaped capture without being identified.

In the wake of this second incident, extra security is now being added to the toilets located next to the film’s set as the perpetrator is rumored to be a member of the film’s crew as access to the set is locked down to limited parties. Women on the set have reportedly taken to going to the restrooms in groups so as to avoid repeated unpleasantness.

“Bond 25” remains in production in the UK at present ahead of an April 8th 2020 release.