Bond 25 Early Work Begins Spring 2016

With a whopping $749 million in box-office so far in spite of decidedly less glowing reviews than its predecessor, the producers behind the James Bond franchise aren’t wasting any time getting the next film in the series going.

Speaking with 20 Minuten this week, Barbara Broccoli revealed that the hope is to continue with Daniel Craig in the role, but either way they’re getting to work on the next film very soon:

“We have put three years of work into ‘Spectre.’ It was a thrill, but now we want to enjoy the success and the reactions of the audiences. In spring we start again. I hope we can continue with Daniel [Craig]. I love him, obviously not just me but also the audience. I will try my best to keep him on.”

The quote comes as Canadian filmmaking duo Lee Demarbe and Ian Driscoll (“Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter”) have revealed to CBC’s q program that they are planning a new film adaptation of “For Your Eyes Only,” arguably the most acclaimed of the Roger Moore-era James Bond films.

The site says that due to Canadian laws, there has been essentially an expiration of the copyright on James Bond within the country’s borders. Essentially anyone can reproduce and sell Ian Fleming’s works and adapt said works for the screen – within the country that is. The film would legally be unable to screen in the United States.

‘Eyes’ in particular was reportedly chosen as a portion of the tale takes place in Ottawa. They also indicate it’s the first in a series of four films they’ve planned, but the project is a LONG way from happening.